Gabriel Faure’s Requiem – Palm Sunday

FPC Faure Banner 2015 Palm Sunday

Please enjoy Faure’s Requiem as presented by the First Presbyterian Church of Hackensack.  Featuring Rasaan Bourke, Dr. David Hurd, Soloists Mara Adler O’Kelly, and Michael Corvino and the First Presbyterian Church Choir.

One response to “Gabriel Faure’s Requiem – Palm Sunday”

  1. I narrated the Passion of the Christ on Sunday in NYC and hearing this in retrospect cements what the Spirit worked through me in delivery. This is an astounding presentation, of highest caliber. The energies of every artist involved, their astute commitment and the overall vision and sense of pacing of the thoroughly on-point Conductor, my esteemed friend, Rasaan Bourke is something to be “breathed in” and received, as an ultimate prelude to Holy week. Congratulations and thank you for sharing.


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