Our Pastor

photo 2Name: Steven McClelland

Age: I’m Not Telling

Birthday: March 12th

College: Macalester 80’, St. Paul, MN

Graduate School: Union Theological Seminary 86’, New York, NY

Favorite Music: A mix of Classical, Rock, R&B and Jazz – particularly Brazilian.

Favorite Movie: Nobody’s Fool – Paul Newman & Jessica Tandy

Favorite Food: Anything with Frank’s Hot Sauce on it.

Favorite Author:  Mark Twain

Favorite Quote:It’s not that I’m afraid to die, I just don’t want to be there when it happens.”  Woody Allen

Steve originally hails from the Midwest, but he has lived in New Jersey since 1981.  He and his wife Dotty have lived in Bergen County for nearly two decades.  They have four beautiful daughters who are the delight of their lives and a great puggle named Tucker.

Since 1998 Steve has served as the pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Hackensack, which he describes this way: “If I were to encapsulate what it is like to be here, I would say this:  No matter what type of day I may be having, but especially when it’s not going all that well, when I walk through the doors of this church my spirit settles into an amazing place of peace.  It does this every time I enter this place and it does it every time I come to worship here.”

Steve describes his theology this way:  “Some people see Jesus as a dogma to be defended or a theology to be espoused.  I simply see Jesus as the one who marks my way, tells me the truth and offers me an abundance of life.”

Steve enjoys photography, videography, rock n roll, jazz, rhythm and blues, gospel and classical music, all things Apple, traveling, hanging out with family and friends. He enjoys talking about religion and politics – all the things that you are not supposed to talk about – he likes talking about.

Steve is the third generation in his family to serve as a Presbyterian pastor, which according to his father, “demonstrates an incredible lack of imagination on his part.”

Contact Pastor Steve at: 201-342-7570

or by email stevenrm@mac.com



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