Christmas Cantata – Peace Has Come – 2017

On Sunday, December 17th, our choir presented contemporary American composer Mary McDonald’s spiritually nourishing Christmas Musical, “Peace Has Come.” A combination of new melodies, traditional tunes and inspiring narration, this work leads us through the story of the birth of Christ with a focus on the deep peace that only God can offer. In the composer’s own words:

“I was once asked for my favorite word and, after careful thought, responded with ‘peace.’ It is something I constantly strive for in my own life – to find a quiet, calm escape from the busy, steady pace of a musician’s full agenda. For it is in that stillness where I find God – the Author and Giver of true inner peace. Christmas has a way of settling us down and reminding us what really matters in life: family/children, Jesus, miracles, and the most sustaining gifts of joy, love, hope and peace. Christ came to bring peace to the world, not as the world suggests, but rather, everlasting holiness and peace in the form of a baby – a King! Throughout this musical, we acknowledge our need and yearning for Christ to come into the world.”

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